Special waste, including asbestos or international waste, is also properly disposed of at Robin Hood Bay.

Some items are banned from being disposed of in the landfill, as we want to divert them from the landfill:

  • Metals: Metals recycling has been offered at Robin Hood Bay since 1995 and keeping metals out of the landfill has been more strictly enforced since 2006. Haulers with bulk metals can recycle it at the AIM Recycling St. John’s site at the Robin Hood Bay Waste Management Facility.
  • Clean corrugated cardboard and paper (office, shredded, newspaper) is not landfilled at Robin Hood Bay and is taken by some recycling companies in the city including at the Robin Hood Bay Materials Recovery (Recycling) Facility.
  • Concrete is no longer disposed of as waste in the landfill. It’s instead re-used as cover material for the landfill. To be accepted for use at Robin Hood Bay, the concrete must be crushed to 6” or 18” minus, with any rebar removed and delivered to the NLL Recyclers Ltd site.
  • Asphalt and rocks are also re-used as cover material for the landfill. To be accepted for use at Robin Hood Bay pieces of asphalt and rocks must measure no more than 18” diameter.
  • Liquids are banned from disposal at Robin Hood Bay.
  • Special waste is accepted at Robin Hood Bay but arrangements must be made prior to arrival for the proper and safe disposal of these materials.
  • Electronics accepted by the EPRA should not go in the landfill. Certain Electronic items can be brought to designated drop-off locations. Go to to find a drop-off location near you.
  • Hypodermic needles are not accepted at the Landfill.  Commercial haulers should contact Stericycle at 1-866-783-7422, or visit their website

Commercial & Municipal Vehicle Access

Commercial and Municipal vehicles will have access to the Landfill at Robin Hood Bay from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4:30pm, and on Saturdays from 8am to 12pm (noon). The Landfill is closed on Sundays and all Statutory Holidays.

Tire Disposal & Recycling Information

Used vehicle tires from cars, light trucks, motorcycles, campers, trailers, transport, bus, semi-trailer, and dump trucks are not disposable at Robin Hood Bay from commercial users. On April 1, 2002, Provincial Government regulations for the Used Tire Recycling Program placed a ban on the disposal of used tires for these types of vehicles in municipal waste disposal sites in Newfoundland and Labrador, including at Robin Hood Bay.

The Robin Hood Bay Waste Management Facility does accept “Off The Road” (OTR) tires for disposal from commercial users. These tires OTR tires include tires with rim diameters greater than 24.5”, construction tires, tractor tires, forklift tires and other industrial and/or off-road tires. OTR tires must be off the rims. Loads of OTR tires are subject to a processing fee of $170 per tonne.

The ban on the disposal of passenger and light truck tires at municipal waste sites is still in effect. However consumers can leave their used tires, at no cost, with a tire retailer upon the purchase of new tires. They can also be returned to a tire retailer at a later date in manageable quantities during the retailer’s normal business hours. For more information on the Used Tire Recycling Program contact the Multi Material Stewardship Board.