Any waste material that requires special treatment or disposal precautions, due to its nature, quantity, volume, potential to react and/or potential to produce an adverse effect.

Examples of Special waste:

Generators (or Hauler) must have pre authorization for disposal from Service NL prior to making application to RHB for permission for final disposal by the RHB Landfill. RHB will require a waste profile sheet to be filled out and submitted for review and approval prior to acceptance for final disposal. “Special Waste” needs to be separate and not include other garbage. Special waste rates will apply.

Commercial or Industrial Waste

Some commercial or industrial waste streams require special handling and are not to go directly to the landfill tip face. These materials are potentially hazardous to site personal and can cause damage to the site equipment. Listed below are materials that cannot go directly to the tip face and have to be segregated:

    • Fishing nets and ropes
    • Rubber tubing, rubber hose (over 1 meter in length)
    • Plastic Piping, HDPE Pipe.
    • Oversized wood waste
    • Asphalt shingles
    • Feathers
    • Biosolids
    • Treated soils
    • Oversize construction debris (>18 inch pieces)
    • Small commercial boats, pleasure crafts, life rafts

Commercial or industrial waste streams are not accepted at the Residential Drop off (RDO).

If you have any of the above noted material types please contact ACCESS at 311 and ask to be transferred to a RHB staff person to discuss site requirements.

Generators/Haulers must declare that they have the above noted materials at the Scale House prior to weighing in.

We thank everyone for following the above guidelines for the safety of our customers and site personnel.