Residential Drop-off

The Residential Drop-Off (RDO) is located at the Robin Hood Bay Waste Management Facility, 340 East White Hills Rd. The RDO accepts a variety of waste types as noted below.

Please be advised that the RDO is for residential use only. All commercial vehicles must use the RHB Commercial Landfill.

Due to Covid-19 users are ask to please maintain appropriate physical distancing of 2m or 6ft at all times, and to be patient as line-ups may be long.  The City of St. John’s thanks residents for their patience, cooperation and understanding.

Residential Drop-Off Hours

For hours of operation click here.

At the Residential Drop-Off, it’s as simple as:

1. Checking in with an attendant

2. Putting your items in the proper bin.

Vehicle operators must offload the waste from their vehicle; staff or equipment at Robin Hood Bay cannot offload vehicles.

We advise residents to pre-sort all waste before arriving. Separate waste types

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or recycle an item?

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